Alkyd Resins

Mobile Rosin Oil has produced alkyd resins since 1970. Because of our broad-based manufacturing profile, the line of alkyds has been limited to generally accepted commodity-type resins marketed in the southeastern United States as well as an aggressive approach to exports in this hemisphere.

Conventional long oil, medium oil, and short oil alkyds are routinely produced and sold in bulk or drum amounts. Chain-stopped alkyds, traffic marking alkyds, and other specialty resins also complement our line. There have been specialty resins developed for a particular customer whose needs cannot be met by the larger producers because of the smaller volumes required.

With this flexibility of operation, Mobile Rosin Oil can produce large volumes of alkyd resins for shipment in either bulk tank trucks or container lots of drums. Most of our high-quality long oils, medium oils, short oils, and chain-stopped resins are direct offsets for the major producers. We feel we have superior service, high quality, and personal attention to offer to consumers of our coating resins.

We have also specialized in a darker line of alkyds; long oils, medium oils, or short oils, where it is cost-effective to use darker versions of the lighter-colored resins with similar oil lengths. Of particular interest is the line of alkyds developed for pipe coatings and fish net dip coatings. Many larger companies cannot economically switch back and forth in the production of lighter and darker resins. One of the things we have to offer is the flexibility to switch back and forth to produce resins for a particular need in large volumes, as they are needed.

Even though we classify ourselves as a custom manufacturer, we do inventory a variety of base products, which serve the Paint & Coatings Industry. If our base products do not fit your needs, let us work with you to develop a product that will best work for you.

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