Custom Chemicals

"What do you manufacture?"

This is a question often asked of us. The answer covers a variety of products and product types. The reason is that we are a custom chemical manufacturer with the flexibility to manufacture a wide variety of materials.

Most of the products we offer are proprietary in nature and are designed for specific customers. It is for this reason that Mobile Rosin Oil Company does not have a thick "catalog of names" to offer because most materials are individually developed and are proprietary in nature, using product/need applications for the customers we serve.

Mobile Rosin Oil Company, since 1924, has engaged in this type of custom chemical manufacturing. As such, we specialize in using chemicals from the pine tree. Rosin is an organic acid. As such, it is subject to the various chemical reactions of any organic acid. One simple example of this is saponification. In this case, rosin is reacted with an alkali to form a soap. We have manufactured a line of rosin soaps for more than 30 years.

Other reactions such as esterification of rosins or tall oils can be carried out. As is the case with the general approach we prefer to work on a "product application" basis, wherein we find a need and fulfill it, or match the need, which a customer may have.

We always like to approach our sales effort in a manner that will offer a similar product at a better cost or a superior product at the same cost. In that way, we feel that we have much to offer a prospective customer.

A term we often apply to ourselves is "we are too small to be big but too big to be small". Viewed against some of the giants of our industry, we are small, but we routinely put over 60 million pounds of a variety of finished goods through our plant in a year’s time. We can custom blend, or custom react products for any given application or customer. This forms the basis upon which this company has prospered for over one hundred years.

Shipments are made domestically and internationally in rail cars, tank trucks, drums, and tote tanks. Finished goods inventories are carried to promptly serve customers with established use patterns.

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