Metal Working

Mobile Rosin Oil Company has produced a line of rosin oils since its’ founding in 1924. These products are produced through the destructive distillation of rosin. As the process is completed, a semi-viscous liquid is produced from hard rosin. These types of rosin oils are used as components in metalworking, or "drawing compounds". We do not manufacture these compounds but sell our rosin oils to those who do.

Those who produce metal working compounds have long been large users of rosin oil as a major component. We understand that the lubricating and protective qualities it imparts to the metal as it is stamped and shaped are desirable and superior to other products, which have been tried in the past. Not only are these products non-hazardous, but they are also green and sustainable which makes this family of materials more desirable for companies seeking to become more environmentally friendly.

Related to metal working compounds are the production of rosin and rosin oil soaps which are used in various aspects of metal working. Our line of rosin soaps has found extensive use as an emulsifier in soluble oils.

Even though we classify ourselves as a custom manufacturer, we do inventory a variety of base products, which serve the Metal Working Industry.

If our base products do not fit your needs...

Let us work with you to develop a product that will best work for you.