Oil Field

Mobile Rosin Oil Company manufactures a wide range of additives for oil-based drilling fluid applications. A summary of our product portfolio is as follows:

  • Primary Emulsifier – We offer emulsifiers based on highly oxidized tall oil as well as chemically modified tall oil chemistry. Our best-performing products are PINEMUL™ 100 and PINEMUL™ 110.
  • Secondary Emulsifier – We offer an industry-standard secondary emulsifier based on modified polyamide to tall oil fatty acids and diethylenetriamine. Our highly recognized secondary emulsifier is PINEMUL™201.
  • One Drum Emulsifier – We offer a one-drum emulsifier that is composed of primary and secondary emulsifier chemistry. Our one drum emulsifier is PINEMUL™300.
  • Wetter & Thinner – We offer a unique chemistry of wetter and thinner based on imidazoline and phospholipids. Our wetting and thinning product is PINEMUL™ 200SW.
  • Rheology Modifier – We offer an industry-standard lower-end rheology modifier based on dimer/trimer acids of fatty acids.